Bid Approval Platform

Why a bid approval platform ?

“What discount did we offer this customer in the recent 3 proposals?” “Who approved this?” “Was the BOQ certified, before the commercial pricing?” “Has Finance signed-off on this cash-flow?”

In the world of B2B turn-key solutions, bid approvals are a default part of any commercial bid creation. Most organisations still rely on traditional means of “email + voice calls” to get their bids approved. In a recent survey done by Pricebid with B2B practitioners, more than 81% responded to getting their bids approved via emails and/or calls!

No wonder one gets to hear such questions all too often.

Does it hurt?

In today’s world, where velocity and winnability are not optional, it certainly does! Would it help your bid strategy if you knew that the discount percentage at an account has been on the ascent in the recent bids? Would it benefit if there was a proper BOM/BOQ approval before the pricing began? Would the overall margins improve if the relevant oversight functions (PMO, Quality, etc.) had calibrated the bid before the final approval?

Not having an automated, business-rules driven, flexible approval system can dramatically impact the pace of your sales machinery. Not having the necessary controls can potentially damage your margins and profitability in the long run. Get both with Approval


Improve bid-win rates! provides a centralized repository which hosts all your historical pricing and bid related data. Find answers to crucial questions when you need them most. Improve your bid win rates!

Better Business Controls!

Setup different approval chains for different business units/geos. Keep a bird's view on all bid matters thru - Bid dashboard, bid screening, tracking and auditability. Find all bid revisions, docs and approvals in flash. lets you apply or modify corporate guidelines, capture risk assesments, give selective access or approve conditionally.

Reduce time to develop commercial pricing! lets you define, set, modify the pricing and approval processes. Once done, it will do all the follow-up and follow-across with the respective owners thru alerts, notifications, and escalations, till the task is completed on time. Yes, reduce the time to develop your commercial bid - from weeks to days.