Bid Development, Pricing, & Analytics Platform for B2B Solution Providers & System Integrators

What Do We Do ?




Improve your deal-win rates!

Pricebid.co automates all your bid pricing processes, lets you define the approval workflows, offers bid tracking, and provides detailed pricing analysis at your finger-tips. Appove or Reject, with confidence!

Head-Bid Management/ Tender Management


Reduce the time to develop your commercial bid!

Dump all the unproductive tasks – version control, pricing synch-up, follow-ups! So that you can focus on the efforts that add value – pricing scenarios, solution options, competitive analysis, OEM/sub-contractor negotiations, etc. Pricebid.co brings down the time it takes to develop the commercial bids from months to weeks to days.

Head - Business Finance/ Sales Operations


Improve business controls!

Who had approved this? Did we agree to these non-standard terms? Corporate functions have a key role in ensuring enterprise policies are followed where applicable. Pricebid.co offers process trails, revisions, reviews which can help you keep a proper track and history of all bids.


Improve bid-win rates!

Pricebid.co provides a centralized repository which hosts all your historical pricing and bid related data. Find answers to crucial questions when you need them most. Improve your bid win rates!

Better Business Controls!

Setup different approval chains for different business units/geos. Keep a bird's view on all bid matters thru - Bid dashboard, bid screening, tracking and auditability. Find all bid revisions, docs and approvals in flash. Pricebid.co lets you apply or modify corporate guidelines, capture risk assesments, give selective access or approve conditionally.

Reduce time to develop commercial pricing!

Pricebid.co lets you define, set, modify the pricing and approval processes. Once done, it will do all the follow-up and follow-across with the respective owners thru alerts, notifications, and escalations, till the task is completed on time. Yes, reduce the time to develop your commercial bid - from weeks to days.